Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Betting on Horses

One of the oldest forms of sports betting around is horse racing. Long known as the sport of kings, wagering horses has a long and illustrious career that spans back in time as long as anyone can remember. The origin of wagering horses is not known, but it is likely that it was a popular pastime in several cultures at the same time before it became a global activity. There have been many changes to the practice of wagering horses over the years but at the end of the day wagering horses is still just about putting money on a horse as it competes against a field of other horses. Wagering horses is a simple sports with a simple goal and that is to have fun, and now everybody can get information for free online racing at some gambling sites where they can enjoy Belmont betting, Kentucky derby handicapping, horse racing spread bets, racetrack betting and more like SBG Global.

There are many different varieties of wagering horses as well. There are horse races of different lengths, races of different surfaces, races with a harness and so forth. And all through out history there has been a great variety of wagering horse variety. One of the best-known fans of wagering horses was the famous Genghis Khan. Khan was the leader of the Mongol hordes during the Middle Ages when they sacked the all the neighboring countries in Asia, Central Asia and even parts of Europe. He ruled his vast kingdom by a loosely connected network of mandarins of and benevolent rule. But what allowed for his great success in sacking so many cities and dominating so many armies was his men’s great mastery of horsemanship. As such, he was a huge fan of wagering horses. The type of horses that Khan used and that were the subject of his wagering horses were far from what we would consider great race horses today. However, the Mongolian ponies served their purpose and were well adapted to the harsh life on the steppes and were hardy grazing beasts to say the least. But more than naught they were also likely very good wagering horses and Khan and his men loved nothing more than to stage big competitions and enjoy a day of wagering horses. And as far as anyone knows Khan was one of the earliest fans of horse betting.